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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ambience - Lighting the way...

As we attend more and more weddings and events we being to notice the age-old problem of repetitiveness. It seems like a great effort to create the ultimate "unique" party. There are many techniques to achieve "uniqueness" but there particularly is one stylish technique which is also affordable and can make your event much more exquisite than the rest.

This technique is the use stylish ambiance lighting. Whether its the comfort of the up-lighting glow or the sharp accentuation of the pin-spot lighting on your table centerpieces, lighting can be the difference between your every-day event and your one in a million weddings of a lifetime.

"We offer our clients with a multitude of lighting options, from up-lighting to down-lighting to decorative gobos, we want to allow the client to create the wedding of their dreams and lighting is usually the differentiating factor" says Ariana of Anar.

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